30 years of engagement in Naval Defense and Maritime Protection

VMAS maritime surveillance system


For the past 30 years, SOFRESUD has developed cutting-edge technologies in the field of Self-Defense for preserving human lives, vessels up to Economic zone.



Committed to accomplish it in a visionary way, we position ourselves as a partner of unlike any other. From the origin, our teams are passionate, creative and result-oriented.
As such, at SOFRESUD we strive to create efficient solutions for a safer naval and maritime environment in an ever-changing world.



  • 1989


    The SOFRESUD company was formed by a group of experimented engineers focusing on data analysis software creation and R&D National Defense projects.

  • 2000s


    We created a revolution in Self-Defense of warships based on Gulf war return of experiences. Our engineers invented the first ever in the world Naval Hand-Held Target Designator (QPD).

  • 2010


    The project SARGOS is launched to envision the future of oil platforms' protection in the most sensitive areas of the world.
    Late 2013, the Early Warning System (VMAS) is deployed in Nigeria to protect TOTAL's oil platforms activity and personnel, from shore to high-sea.

  • 2017


    The IPD encompasses 15 years of customer feedback and experience to bring unprecedented capabilities to Remote Weapon Systems (RWS) in Close-In Defense scenarios.
    Mid-2018, SOFRESUD is certified ISO 9001 version 2015.


As a French company involved in Naval Defense and Maritime Protection, we belong to clusters and competitive centers in those domains.

Mr Bernard ALHADEF, CEO of SOFRESUD, is currently managing the EDEN PACA group, a French cluster in the Defense Sector in the South East Region in France.
This cluster allows its members to have a real competitive advantage, promote its members and have the skill to benefit of a negotiating power on the industry.


Our CEO is also an active member of the COFIS Committee, a joint committee for the security sector.

The company is member of GICAN, French Naval Industry Group and involved in lots of international missions.

SOFRESUD participates to Comité RICHELIEU, an innovative Defense organization.

We are also a French Maritime Cluster member involved in the merchant shipping and fleet security.

Being a member of EVOLEN, an association that covers the whole of the oil and gas sector, brings us support in the development of inter-professional networks as well as feedback from experience and best practices.

SOFRESUD is part of the Mediterranean Marine Competitivity Center, which is supporting us in our different actions and innovative projects,



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